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Quote high and get the job

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Got an enquiry from outside of my usual area the other day and was going to reject it straight away but got talking to chap and thought well it's worth a look, the address being one reason (the Manor House) so twenty minute drive last Saturday I have a walk round the property, (not as big as hoped) "I'll e mail a quote" says I and off I go.

So doing the quote I'm thinking I really don't want this job, quote calculated and I have a price of £70. I'm still thinking don't want this job so bumped price up to £100. About to press send and I'm thinking I really, really don't want this job so bumped the price up again to £150. Happy no way would he accept that I pressed send (Sunday night)

Would you believe it Monday night reply accepting quote. So doubled my price and still got it. And before someone says, no I didn't under price it, if it had been in the right place prop would have gone in at £60.

Think I'll put £50 on all quotes in future.

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Just doing a one off clean for him should take a couple of hours three if it all goes wrong

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