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reassembled pump the right way??

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I decided to dismantle my pump box and reassemble by connecting to a split charge relay and leisure battery. There have been several times when I've completely forgot to charge the pump box the night before and it ruins the day's work!

This is the end result, which I'm chuffed by.

I am wondering though if I've connected the pump the right way round? I should have written on it before taking it all apart but I didn't, and now I'm worried to leave it running incase it runs dry and is damaged.

As you look at the picture, flow should be right to left, or back of van to front.

Any expert eyes would be appreciated before I turn it all on!


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I don't know what pump it is but most are diaphram pumps so can run dry. After all, if they are self priming then they will run dry for a short period of time.


The way to test it is to suck the outlet pipe. If you can suck air then its connected the right way. If you can't suck air (vacuum) then try the other way.

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Thanks both, it's just a kobold pump from the pump box. I'll try the sucking method () and see how we go

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