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So I've had my van for a year and a half now and decided to get deadlocks put on my side doors and rear doors, this company ROAD RADIO took 5 hours to fit them and this was the outcome




I told them that the cylinder should not stick out that far (I know as I use to be a locksmith) and the bloke told me that now the cylinder is in it can't be taken out! I told them that's bollox you can take it out. The cut around the locks were so bad it looks like a kid did it! I spent a lot of money for this van and I did not want it cut in to like how they have done it. They tried to cover up there wonky cuts with dum dum and shitty mastic! Long story short I threatened to take them to court and they gave me a refund on the locks and a max of £500 to get it sorted by my sprayer that I use, but they tried there hardest to say that's how the locks are fitted they went by the measurements and they have fitted hundreds of locks on transit custom vans,load of shite!!!!! DO NOT USE ROAD RADIO IN REDHILL THEY ALSO HAVE A SHOP IN CRAWLEY,ELTHAM AND BLACKHEATH!! although I was great full for the refund and the money to get it fixed it shouldn't of come to this as they should of been fitted properly, I would not call these guys professional look at the pics it says it all



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