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Green Pro Clean Ltd

There are plenty of thread on here about 'Should I advertise here, or should I advertise there' so I have decided to list the jobs in so far this week and how I got them. Now when I say I am active on promotions I am always in a work shirt, my van is signed, I am on the road 5 day a week 6-7 hours per day and on the social media at least an hour per day. So always looking for something to promote it.


First up - Leaflets:

I bought 5000 from VistaPrint for £55 so far I have perhaps 1000 delivered

1 x monthly detached £20

(Same house, gutters and soffits etc £200)

1 x 2 bed terrace £15 bi monthly

2 x 3 bed semis £15 monthly


Total - £980 for the year so far


Next up - Van Signage - Cost me £45 off eBay and DIY (thanks to @boarcity will say) don't post themselves. Facebook requires constant monitoring and posting and the van needs to been seen on the street.


Not posting this for any other reason but just to give you an idea of what can be done when you have your irons in the fire.


Hope this gives you some ideas or motivation.

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Good info, would you still say canvassing is the best way of drumming up new business?

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Guest boarcity

there can be no excuses for not delivering every single leaflet , oh i know youre tired but sooner they get out sooner youv got the work. if you are really too tired then you must pay a helper to deliver em soon as . worth every penny

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Green Pro Clean Ltd

Yup and that is where the bulk of it came from, took 3 years. Now we are positioned where we can rely on the advertising and not the canvassing.

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