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Setting the Flow

Guest window washer

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Guest window washer

I have a Shurflo 100psi which my mate calibrated to 50. The Swear word!y leaflet that came with the pump appears to suggest 30 but I have always used 50.

Most of my work is domestic houses so what would you suggest for: -


A) First cleans

:D normal daily cleans.


I would like anyone's thoughts as by setting the flo incorrectly I may be wasting a lot of water.



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They can tend to vary a lot - even with similar systems.


I have one Freedom trolley (with a 1.7 Litre per Min sureflo pump) that I use on about 25 - if using pencil jets, or about 20 if using Fan Jets. This can be slightly lower if the trolley has just been charged, or slightly higher if the battery is tired.


I have another Freedom trolley ( with a 1.1 Litre per minute sureflo pump) that I use on about 40.

When the pump controller on this one failed, I replaced it with a Variflo digital, and the setting changed to about 45.


The only sure fire way that I have of setting up for initial use on my systems is as follows:


1: fully charge trolley

2: Use for an hour

3: Get a measuring jug, and a stopwatch

4: Run the pump and direct the flow from one jet into the jug for exactly one minute.

5: Look at how much water is in the jug, and double the reading.

6: This figure is then litres per minute from the brush - I aim for 1.4 LPM, which I find works best for me.

(Even this figure can be a matter of personal choice - but I find any lower, it takes too long to rinse,

any higher - I get through too much water)


Gives a good initial setting for daily use.



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Guest window washer

Thank you.

I have a Streamline digital flo controller but 50 seems very high. The water (pencils) spurts out about 8 foot which seems a lot.

I will try and get around 1.4ltrs pm as you say.

Thanks again.

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3-4 ltrs per min is good for rinsing first cleans and about 1-2 ltrs per min for regular stuff you can use a slower flow but with this comes with experience, I run mine flat out without flo controller just a tap to turn water on/off as I like a high flow.Slower flow work slower-faster flow work faster

As long as the window is clean after you finished the flow is just right

Do you use a tap or aquadaptor to turn water off when not on the glass this will half your water usage

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Guest window washer

I use a ball valve tap which sits in a holster on my belt (makes me feel like Clint Eastwood) so save water, plus thanks to Flipfasts I adjusted my pump so it turns of with fairly low pressure.;);)


I checked this afternoon and use 1.5ltrs of water per minute on normal windows and 3 litres pm on first cleans.


Therefore a flow rate of 30psi seems to e sufficient for me at the mo.

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Guest Windowwhiz

I've got the 100 psi shurflo pumps also and we run them at 35 for all cleans and sometimes creep up to 38 for real dirty 1st cleans :0)

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Set the water flow rate to your own pace of working.


Too slow a flow rate of water and you will waste time, this will be very costly.


Too high a flow rate of water and you waste water (gradually turn the flow down, until you find the right balance)



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This surprises me that you guys run your water at 35-40 pressure?


I run mine at 17 - 22 at the maximum!


I find running anything over 22 your wasting far too much water and for cost effectiveness spending to much.


17 gives me a nice amount of power on the window giving it a thourough clean and a nice rinse after, windows are left perfectly clean.



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