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Payload on Van

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a BIT stuck for what to do !!

found a reach ad wash system i want (Facelift 350 litre) i have a peugeot partner van and the pay load of the van is 625kg

but the system and myself and 2 ladders =about 620kg

i should get a bigger van but i only brought this van for £6000 a few months ago so if i sell it because i paid vat on it i would only get about £4500 for it

What would you all do in my situation lose 1-2000 on my van and get a bigger van so i can get everything in properly OR keep van i have get system in and see where i go with the reach and wash if i get busy then get a bigger one ??after the system i onlly have about 1ft space left in van


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Guest tlwcs

"If I get busy?"

Keep the van, loose a ladder and any other weight and go build your business.

IMO it's madness to make a loss on a van you've just bought and then purchase another without being busy.

If you were buying your first van again you would have bought the bigger one


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Paddy McNally

If you can get a hose reel into the van ie 1ft of space you'll be grand, I've vw caddy and an ionics system in it and like you I've just over a foot left at the back, but I can sit the reel on top of the tank... don't forget your poles will they fit into the van



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If it helps you @jordan, you can remove 50kgs of your weight as PSA (Citroen Brochure) allow that as part of the van so not included in the payload (ie payload with driver is 675kgs). I can't get access to the Peugeot pdf on their website.



look under weights.


Does the system weight include hose reel and poles? What about r/o?


If you are worried about weight then you could always short fill the tank. The problem I see with this whole situation is that you will hinder your growth by not having sufficient water for the day's work, especially in summer.


If you store water then you could arrange your round so it isn't too far to pop home and fill up at lunch time, but that's not always the answer.


The ideal solution is to work out what you need equipment wise, not only now, but into the near future, and then buy a van to suit.


IMHO we have found that a single operator will use 350 to 400 liters a day on maintenance cleans. So we put 500 liter tanks into the vans with a single operator and they each used that completely on the odd day. I honestly believe that a 350 liter tank is too small. Son has a Peugeot Partner 800lx and son in law used a Ford Transit Connect T220 LWB.


Unfortunately, nobody can make the final decision for you. Would I spend a lot of money buying a fancy FaceLift (or any other make) when its not big enough?


BTW you aren't the only one whose bought a van and then found it wasn't right for the job it was needed for. We saw it numerous times in the commercial van market.


We had one chap buy a new 600kg Berlingo when we advised and quoted on an 800kg. He bought it elsewhere as it was cheaper.

He asked DVLA what he needed to do to upgrade his van to an 800kg.

He was told that he had to order new parts from Citroen, ie rear axle, front suspension with upgraded springs, brakes, tyres and Citroen had to fit them with a note on the invoice stating that the van had been completely upgraded to 800kgs specs. Only then would they alter the log book. The cost 10 years ago was thousands, around 8 times the price difference between the 600 and 800 kg vans.




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Thanks everyone decided to buy a bigger one thanks for helping me again :)

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Just remember aswell that by 10 o'clock after using your system for an hour or two you will have drained plenty from your tank.

You'll probably only be over the payload for an hour or two a day...

I'm in the same boat with my combo...

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