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Guido Possum

Seen me another window cleaner yesterday too...

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Guido Possum

He was part of a two-man latino team, apparently contracted to do the windows of the local ANZ bank.


Anyhow, what annoyed me was he had a better pole than I had; an Ettore gold-anodized number next to my $40 Oates hardware store stick was humiliating!


So, next week I'm going to order a better pole than he's got.


You betcha.


Interestingly, but not at all related to the immigrant workers; while "cleaning" the supermarkets windows I had an old man - waiting for the store to open at 8:00am - stop and ask me what I used to clean windows. I told him "this and that, bla bla"then he goes on top complain to me about the cleaners who do the windows in the block of units he and his wife live in.


His primary complaint was that these men come along with really long poles with water spurting-out and they don't do a good job.


In other news, an old lady pulled-in outside the store as I was finishing-up; she had bird shit on the rear side window so - being the helpful guy I am - I offered to wash it off for her. She was delighted of course and accepted my offer, so while she was inside shopping I washed the bird plop off, then did the rest of the windows on her car while I was at it.


Don't see no mexican contractors doing that! Nono :)

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Guido Possum

Oh yeah.


You should've seen the mess too. I was doing the cafe right next door and it looked like a fuckin swimming pool out front of the bank.


I'd probably be told not to come back if I left that much water around the front of a shop like that!


As for the old man who didn't like WFP, he chewed my ear for a good 10 minutes - right before the supermarket doors were due to open. I didn't have time to finish two of the electronic sliding ones caus've him: told me how he had to get the spiders webs off himself by hanging out the window and how his wife was worried he'd fall and even surface spray didn't kill those little buggers and I'm standing there - squeegee in hand -looking at the clock - just counting down the minutes - but he just kept talking.


I like chatting with the oldies when I've got time mind you; they're alright but this occasion the chinwag cost me the insides of the two main doors.

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