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Questions about facebook

PJ Bullard

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Hey guys


Since joining this forum I've seen quite a bit of info from various people saying that facebook is a good place to attract new customers. So I've been thinking about creating a FB business page as suggested to attract new clients.


Well I have'nt used FB for a couple of years as I found it distracting but I discovered that I can re activate my account, which I have done.


I want to know -


1. If i create the page and start posting for my business, will it keep showing up on my friends' timeline? i.e will FB update everyone I know whenever I make a change to my page or create it or is the page totally seperate from my personal page?


2. I have looked at some of the buy/sell groups in my area and they state that they dont want businesses advertising on them so where do you guys advertise? I spend about half and hour searching for groups I could potentially advertise in but I didn't get a lot of joy. Any suggestions to help? Many thanks

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Hi @PJ Bullard :thumbsup:.


The business page is separate to your private one. You can choose to share things from your business page onto your personal, but as far as I'm aware Facebook doesn't do it automatically.


To find groups to post in, I just search local place names, and look for the buy/sell groups. If they say they don't accept business posts have a quick look through the posts already on there. If other businesses are posting then join in! the admin aren't always as strict. (although some are power mad lol). You can always message an admin if you like and see if they mind. I think that makes them feel important!

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Your business page is totally separate from your personal page. The only people that will see your posts on your business page are people who have 'liked' your business page.


You just have to keep searching for groups that you are allowed to post in. Once you've joined a few groups Facebook will automatically suggest similar groups that you might be interested in joining.



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