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new scam


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well new to me anyway. got a call offering me a place in an exclusive advertising magazine local to my area & endorsed by the police of trusted businesses only taking in 1 of each trade. did i want to be the only w/c in the mag ONLY £99 for a playing card size ad. he talked well & some one could well get taken in, but i was a bit boisterous when i was young & no way are the cops gonna endorse me so i knew from the start it was snide & got him to ring me back twice & then asked him to hang on & just left the phone on the dash lmao he was soo polite

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lol I had one today for my carpet cleaning business, started by asking if I was interested in doing some jobs for the police, then went on to talk about advertising they could sell me. Saying they only use business with good review etc. Being brand new, we dont have anything like that so I knew he was talking through his a hole from the get go. Same spiel, we wont advertise anyone else in the same area, and you can use the police crest on your stationary etc.


I asked him to email me the details, and he said, sorry we only deal in paper, everything has to be in writing, so I said that fine, mail me a letter detailing the information. Oh, well the packs cost £30 and we would really need an answer on weather you are definitely interested or not. I said well in that case, no I am not interested.


He gave me the following web addresses to look at...




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I got ripped off F***N big time about 6 to 7 yrs back with a company phoning round trades when i was doing tiling and plastering

by a company called 118 trades F***N TO**RS was a legit company as they go but they got shut down by trading standards .

effin took £900 out my account without my permission rang me up giving me the spiel about we are sending a book out to affluent areas around you bla bla bla it took them 4 weeks to get me interested after loads of calls and me checking stuff out and still i got stung big time .


I reported it and police didn't want to do a thing as i had given them permission to take money from my account ( but not the amount that they took )


so now anyone rings me with spiel like that i tell em straight forward go forth and multiply !!!!

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Oh my, I registered with that as well, but deleted the account today as I found it a pain the a. I have also been getting hounded by Yell, thankfully the first time they called I missed there call, so called them back. When I got the yell welcome message, I hung up and added them to my phone book, so I could ignore them.


They have called me twice a day, every day this week, its ridiculous. If they keep calling I am going to start answering then leave it off the hook, cost them a bit of money then hang up.

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Guest Paul

hey you know i just registered with that freeindex last ***ht, they'r bloody quick i'll give em that, err whats a fleming ???


A Fleming Simon is how my iPhone decided to spell things lol

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Yeah as soon as you get a web site up and running they are on you i dont give them the time of day just not interested is my first response then they try and push it "what your not interested in making money" my answer FOff but it is annoying 4 to 5 calls a day but if you are straight to the point with them they do stop

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I had a woman call today saying she had a local mag and it was supporting a local ho****e and would I like to have the one and only window cleaning spot in it, I said no I'm not interested in any advertising at the moment, she said ok and hung up.

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The best ones are , I can do you full colour 1/4 page ad usually £300 today I can't do it for £200.. Lol.. Then they start telling you can you afford not to? Crazy people

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