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Conservatory Roof

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Hi everyone,


Quick question. I have a conservatory roof that is quite dirty to clean tommorow.


Historically I have used the customers tap water first and given it a good scrub and then finished with the pure water.


Is it ok, or even beneficial to use washing up liquid with the tap water at the first stage?


Your thoughts would be appreciated,



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Green Pro Clean Ltd

Washing up liquid, TFR, Ubik etc will all aid greatly in getting the crud off quicker with the tap water.


At the top right off the screen is a search box, if you type conservatory cleaning in there you will find a lot of historic information in the archives.

Please be sure to use the search bar as it saves topics simply repeating over and over.


Cheers and welcome to the forum! :thumbsup:

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for a cheap , readily available solution good old flash or similar works great, in fact it works so well thats all i use

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johnny bravo

when scrubbing.i done one this morning, i use diluted virosol, wash with Sill brush, dont use a swivel adapter , just a plain goose neck , better controll of brush head. when finished i lik to rinse down with hose pipe from garden. then wash windows and frames with pure water. clean brush added.

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