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Masons Weekly video.


Nobody replied to the last one, so i didn't bother putting another up, but I'll do my best to keep this area alive.

As stated before, I will post a video up every week that I believe people may enjoy in the Lounge, something different and hopefully entertaining.


This week a video that I hold close to my heart as I love space more than anything, and i believe this video is a truly artistic and plain awesome video, that shows how grand our universe is.


Scroll below the video for information on the VLT in Chile.



The Very Large Telescope (VLT) consists of four individual telescopes, each with a primary mirror 8.2m across, which are generally used separately but can be used together to achieve very high spatial resolution.

The VLT operates at visible and infrared wavelengths. Each individual telescope can detect objects roughly four billion times fainter than what can be detected with the naked eye, and when all the telescopes are combined, the facility can achieve an angular resolution of about 0.001 arc-second. This is equivalent to roughly two metres at the distance of the Moon.

The VLT is the most productive ground-based facility for astronomy, with only the Hubble Space Telescope generating more scientific papers among facilities operating at visible wavelengths. Among the pioneering observations carried out using the VLT are the first direct image of an exoplanet, the tracking of individual stars moving around the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way, and observations of the afterglow of the furthest known gamma-ray burst.

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Do you believe in aliens masons?


I was thinking of buying a telescope, I love coming out the back on a clear ***ht and just looking at all the stars.. Have yet to see a shooting star? Tho I have seen 2 fireball type things that only last for 2-3 seconds

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Thanks Masons - great vid.


Where I used to live we used to get a great view of the sky, but now I am near Heathrow there is so much light pollution you just dont get to see it.


Like you I am fascinated by the order, and precision of the universe - just wish I had a bit more time to study it.

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Glad you both like it.

I am currently watching a astronomy course on iTunes from Michigan Tech.

Absolutely love space and any opportunity to study it I'm there.


Seriously debating buying a telescope, being only 30mins from the Peak District means on some ***hts I can drive out and get awesome views of the ***ht sky.


And no, I definitely do not believe in aliens. lol

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