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Rotten luck or too expensive - what is YOUR price?

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Hi all,


Having missed out on 3 or 4 largish jobs in the last week I thought I'd see what you would price this job at as I'm either going in too high or I've been unlucky and missed out by a few quid.


A breakdown of prices for:


Windows & ground level conservatory.

External con roof.

Internal con roof.


would be extremely helpful


The images I have been sent aren't the best but give you some idea.


Many thanks in advance to all that take part! :)





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i think no longer than 4hrs

the job is quite easy the inside will be twxt taking all the time

1.30 mins for outside with the roof two guys

would be happy with £150 personally wouldint want to do the inside roof

I could quite easily go away and make £100 easy in the afternoon doing easy jobs

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Blimey I need you working with me if you get away with those prices lol!


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I hardly ever get inside and not by accident hate it with a passion

Interesting that there is such a variation in price. We have Clisty at £345 at one end and Adamangler at the other at £145.

I put in a price of £195 so hopefully I'll pick it up.

Mine is only that high because I try to avoid insides, green pro would probs go in at 400 +, and still somehow got it!!

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