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Tree sap

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Hi there, just wondering what would be best for removing what I believe to be tree sap from the windows, there are a few houses on a street that I clean which are covered in white and yellow marks, the water fed pole alone doesn't remove them although they come off easy with my finger on the bottom windows.

I use a gardiner pole so would the super scraper do the job or would I need something else?


Thanks Adam.

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I've never had a problem with tree sap and pure water. Might take a little extra scrubbing and rinsing but pure water should remove it. Are you sure it's tree sap?

One problem I come across which looks similar to what you describe is water marks from tap water that has been sprayed onto the glass. Watering plants, kids having water fights, that sort of thing. If that's what your marks are then you may need a lime scale remover.

I've got one customer at the moment whose windows get covered every summer due to them setting up a large paddling pool in a ridiculously small garden.

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