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Stolen Van

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This pretty much concerns the south London guys, but if any of you see a van with this logo it has been stolen. It belongs to another window cleaner I know.



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Dave B

These people are ar*eholes mate

Shame as they will more than likely take the graphics off asap

These idiots need to be found and soundly beaten

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Absolute wankers!


I was talking to someone just the other day said he was round the back of a house water shut off and whole van was taken! This is the second guy I've heard it happened to!


Both of these are in south London aswel so if it's the same case here it seems someone is targeting local window cleaner in and around these parts of town!

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David K

I know if someone jacked my van ! If the hose and pole suddenly disappears from my hand , it's likely my van that's taken off ...

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