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water meter ro or di

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Hi guys


just spoke on live chat to Yorkshire water been advised I pay nearly £3.00 per 1000 litres of water we use in our home, so my question is would I be better sticking with my ro unit when I start doing water here when extension done or Di only be ok ? which be cheapest in long run, my water goes up and down between around 95 and 120 ish.. ? thanks

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I used the resin calculator and assuming you use 300L per day for 5 days and your TDS is 110 (i took a rough value), you use a 25L bag every 4 weeks (again, another rough guide depending how high you let your TDS get before you change it).


A bag of tulsion costs £80ish.


You use 6000L every 4 weeks (based on the assumptions above) so your total water/resin cost per month is £80 + £18 = £98 per month using a DI only.


Your cost every 4 weeks with an RO :


-(water bill assuming 50/50 waste ratio) = £36

Assuming TDS of 10 after your RO your resin should last 47 weeks...putting your resin at a cost of £80/47 = £6.80 every 4 weeks.


£36 + £6.80 = £43.60


This is only napkin maths but I'd say stick with the RO.

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