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Dave B

Honest opinions of Moerman Excelerator

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Dave B

Right i have been using the final version of the excelerator since yesterday afternoon


At first using it fixed by hand it is as accurate as the liquidator with 40° 0° original handle

The fliq doesn’t feel too heavy or awkward with the handle fixed and makes the job even quicker (no swapping tools or detailing makes a big difference )


Used as a swivel squeegee by hand does take some getting used to and it took me a few jobs this morning (deliberately did a few of mondays jobs today to play with it..sad i know lol) to finally get my technique perfect as it feels too responsive at first and if you are used to using wagtails you will be twisting the handle too much until you get used to it

The fliq pad also feels a bit heavy and restrictive at first when used as a swivel

Personally i think it would be better to use a normal applicator until you are used to the technique


I have been using it on a pole today and that was fine from the first attempt but i have a lot of experience with swivel squeegees on pole

I don't think it would take much for a complete novice to learn how to do that to a reasonable standard


The fliq pad is a very good design considering other scrubber pads on the market which i won't name with the only downside being it is so stiff when new

I have been told it will get more flexible with use but it is not a major issue


All in all i think it is an excellent tool and will be getting a couple more handles to replace my existing moerman handles


Some vids will be on the way as soon as i can get my son to hold my phone for me

Lazy bugger is still in bed

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Eric Gilliand

On pole. Start with pad on top. With Wags I always used pad under but found at 8' and above pad over feels more natural, 45° angle if you're using straight pole and tip and standing closer to glass. Depending on distance from glass experiment with the other 2 angles. The swivel is pinpoint and very very quick so excessive hand movement isn't needed and is in fact detrimental

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Eric Gilliand
I'm trying with 10" fliq its very weird but good at the same time practice I thing with me not the tool


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I haven't got a 10" fliq but using the 10" Liquidator 1 in it I found the damn thing kept wanting to take off on me. you have to only just use very small movements of the wrist. 14 seems to be the sweet spot although 18" works fine on store fronts. My fav Wagtail was always a 16" flipper but doubt Moerman will do a 16" Fliq so I may have to get creative with hacksaw and sewing machine... :-)

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Dave B

I actually prefer the fliq over the top when using swivel in hand

Same as i did with wagulator (wag/liquidator combo)

You can't go too quick or the pad will flip itself on the turn but it doesn't get in the way of frames and sills etc

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Yep and gone out to see his girlfriend lol

I'll sort something out tomorrow

He has got his priorities right.

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Loveing the fliq at the mo

Got the 10 & 14 inch

Ordered the 10inch combinator yesterday


Gonna need a bigger bucket soon

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