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Massive extensions and reach problems

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Hi all,

As I go I am getting a lot of gutter cleaning requests on top of my window cleaning and more and more I come across those massive extensions at the back and I have no idea how to get to the gutters without stepping on the roof tiles.

I have a gutter vac aswell, but dont think it is of any use on houses like this.


Any advice from the more experienced here?


Houses like this:



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No reply on this thread and I now understand why - so much about this subject on the forum already.

Searched the forum and spent most of the evening reading about walking on roof tiles, and it was enough to make up my mind today when I saw the job.


Frank wasnt with me today, so I decided I am not taking the job - it doesnt only involve walking on clay tiles, but to reach the gutters of the main building I would need to put up a ladder on the extension roof tiles as too high to reach the corners. And no side gates - access thru the house..


Went and cleaned windows on two 4 beds instead - same money and no hassle.

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A lot of the hard access ones you think 'they weren't thinking of maintenance when they had that done!'


I've vac'd off the top of a ladder a number of times but it's harder work and luck if it gets the 'right kind' of debris to be vac'd- best to do a few easier jobs as you did and they can wait till they've got scaffold up for gutter maintenance. Or offer to do the job and say where you'll have to miss parts out

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Green Pro Clean Ltd

Honestly I would have gone in the builders yard, stuck ladder up and gone up with Harris pole and Pro Gutter tool and been done in 10 mins.


You are right though Norm, loads of threads on gutter cleans, hit the search feature.

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