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Customers neighbours not wanting to grant access on communal properties


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I have a customer that's neighbour works in the bank I use and long story short she wouldn't let me withdraw money from my bank account and pay it into my current account as a cash withdrawal and deposit and it was money laundering, :S


Any way I told her firmly that if she is telling me that I cant withdraw my money and do what I want with it, then close my account please. Transferring money from one account to another is not even remotely related to money laundering, and I take great offence with you saying that to me with a queue of customers behind me, that could be very damaging to my reputation.


I explained what money laundering was I told her to be very careful before suggesting that someone is doing something illegal. So she transferred my money, and I have never seen her on the business desk again since.


However since then, unknown to me at the time, that she was one of my customers neighbour, she has been popping out making petty complaints.


We do all four in the block of apart from her. It is a close, but her house has a little bit that comes out with a flat lead roof on it, and we have to walk on that to clean the lady's windows above hers. Which she is not happy about.


So today she tried to refuse saying that factors said we were not allowed to do that for health and safety reasons, and just I just happened to be there just before they guy came for a factors meeting :D.


Anyway I spoke to the guy who was quite nice, and said that they explained it as if I was putting another set of ladders on top of the roof as well to reach the windows but I showed him this was not the case.


I said that she cant refuse as cleaning is essential maintenance, and as it is a comunal property, she had to grant access for essential maintenance, which he agreed, and I showed him how we work and why it is completely safe, and offered to send him copies of all our insurance documents.


Off he went and we carried on, which royal p'ed off this neighbour. Dont

think it will be the end of it though.


I just really wanted to know if anyone has dealt with anything similar and how things went. I have never really had a neighbour of one of my customers moan so much in my 6 years doing this.


Sorry also for the long post, i did try to keep it short :angel:

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what a horrible woman -i can see lots of petty complaint in the future , but your in the right, just be over nice & poilite that'll p her off. sorry i cant be of more help but i could let you have the number of a little off shore bank i know :D

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simons right, politeness will p her off even more! be overly polite, go out of your way to be nice, always say hello with a smile, as if you couldnt care less, also, do you clean her windows as well seeing as it is a communal block, if so, stop.

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I dont do her windows, she is the only one that doesn't use our service. Her husband comes out and hoses his down. In fact the lady upstairs said to me that the last time I was round he was out an hour after I left, and was hosing water all over her front window, and made a complete mess of them. When she came to the window to ask what he was playing at, he just said ohh sorry, it was a mistake.


Its not purified water or anything he uses, its just a garden hose attached to an outside tap on the building. I said she should have called me back out and I would have billed him for it, but he ho, think they are just the type of people that could cause a storm in a tea cup.

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