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Could do with some help with a quote..

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Hi Guys, haven't been on here in a while but could do with some help if you don't mind?


I have been asked by a builder to clean the two top floors (internal) of a house in a wealthy area. I would describe it to be as big as "two" 4 bed detached houses but in one house - Hope that makes sense!


Anyway its mostly dust on the inside (no cements splashes) with stickers on the glass from the glazing company that built them.


Heres the thing though, its not just windows.


He wants the following cleaned:





Shower (Slate & Chrome)

Taps (Chrome)

Door Frames (Wood)

Doors (Wood)

Skirting Boards (Wood)

Floors (laminate wood)

Staircase (Wood)


Ideally he would like the clean to take place on a Saturday or a Sunday.



Could somebody who does commercial cleans please give me some advice on a rough estimate for a job like this. I know you can't see the property but a rough estimate on the value of the house would be around the million pound mark at the very least.


Thanks in advance people!!

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How many hours work do you think it'll take x by 30 then add 50% for working the weekend + cost of chems etc

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Just be honest with the guy, tell him your not sure how log the job will take and agree an hourly rate.

I do builders cleans for a couple of local builders and invoice them at £20/hr there happy (because I don't have to rush the job cause I priced it wrong) it takes as long as it takes remember just one flick off a brain dead builders trowel can easily put an hour on a job.

One essential piece of equipment on these types of clean, a Henry Hoover

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