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1 pump 2 men

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You need the bigger pump, i did run 2 reels of the 1 pump but always had more flow at 1 brush because 1 reel had more hose on it

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Dave B

It isn't just about hose length

1 will always have less resistance than the other even at the same length

Weird but it will never be 50/50

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I've just started with another reel in the van & was wondering the same. I have a 100psi pump & do need to crank it up a bit with the two connected. What Psi is ideal?



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Green Pro Clean Ltd

It is the path of least resistance.


Water always follows the easiest route.


Even if all your hoses are equal etc and you extend one brush up to a dormer window and keep other at ground level the higher one will have less flow as you have increased resistance of that path.

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