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trevor peacock

dpf's clogging on diesel vans

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trevor peacock

Anyone else have problems with their diesel particulate filters clogging up. I don't do many miles and have to go on a half drive to clear it when the warning light comes on every other week!!

pain in the rear!!

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I'm afraid dpf filters can be a real issue for those of us doing minimal mileage every day. But they are there to catch exhaust soot which causes breathing illnesses in vulnerable people. So they are doing good. Unfortunately it means we have to do a long run of 20 minutes or so to burn off the captured soot out of the dpf filter.


There are some garages who offer to remove the innards of the dpf filter and reprogram the ECU to give an MOT tester the impression that it is still working. Whilst it may seem very tempting to do this, this practice isn't legal.


DPF removal: the facts


Removal of a DPF is illegal

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Chris Dall

There's a guy near me that's has a special machine and brings them back to almost new. Has excellent reviews on his face book

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