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Van Heaters?!

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Morning All.


Been doing Traditional for years but this will be my first winter doing Water Fed Pole.


I'm concerned as I think this winter will be a cold one, and even if not want to be prepared.


Your advice is much appreciated.


What is everyone's experience with van heaters?


I park next to a mains so have no problem leaving a heater on all night to prevent a system freeze, or is this unnecessary? Is a quick blast in the morning enough to thaw?


What heaters does everyone use?


Waste of time?



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Nick pegler DWC

I use a diesel filled radiator from bandq when its cold keeps chill off and is much safer then a fan heater..

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get a nice 120amp battery with split charge relay to charge up in the day time while you drive about, then get a 350watt inverter. connect a bar heater of say 200watts to it on a timer to come on around 2am till 8 am with those timers you can click the time on and off. works a treat

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