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Glass & Frames

All Round Cleaning

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How many of you guys offer a glass and frames service ???

%97 of my customers pay me and extra few quid to clean the frames whilst im doing the windows ( well i charge them extra )


I say to them when i canvass that i offer 2 prices 1 price for glass only and then the other for glass and frames .

9 times out of 10 they will go for glass and frames as I say to them whats the point in having clean windows if your frames are dirty , im not even talking about a PVCu clean either just a basic wipe over to clean the surface muck off the frames .


Try it and you will be surprised how many of your customers will be happy to pay extra money to do something that you are already doing !!!






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I just do it as standard mate, maybe should offer it as extra but :-

#1 mostly tight round here and

#2 wfp guys do em pretty much as standard and gotta compete with that.

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First cleans get a good clean of the frames, I wouldn't wipe them everytime as they don't need it. Just keep on top so it's not obviously noticeable!


There are a few houses I just wouldn't bother with the frames such as wooden and the fiver houses

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Aye man not the wooden frame jobs . I not got any jobs less than 6 quid meself and that ones me sis in laws . All me other jobs average 10 quid a piece .

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I clean windows and sills as standard.


I charge extra for frames, most of the time it ranges between 75% and 100% extra in costs.

(£5.00 for windows and sills and £10.00 windows, frames and sills.)

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Nope not me glass only, but if there was allot of WFP users in my area, I would be pushed to compete, then again, if everyone was using WFP, I would change as well. But for now, most windies in my area are trad and don't include wiping the frames, so we done either. Purely to stay compe***ive.

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I see what your saying guys, about frames.


When you start at say a perticular house, and do the frames, the frames won't be needed doing again for quite a long time maybe like twice a year just as Facicas.


Sills, well when your cleaning trad, water goes onto the sill so you wipe up after yourself(so shouldn't need to chargeextra) and by wiping it dry also cleans it.


I do know that window cleaners out there DONT wipe up after themselves leaving the sills dripping, I hate it when I see this.

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I know windies that don't even wipe the bottom of the panes never mind the sills, dosent touch doors either. There is around 8 of them, I don't know how they have so much work as they are not good at cleaning windows

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just goes to show , you guys who are trad could be earning a few quid more per job and the customers would think they are getting

a better deal in with it .

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I knocked on a door last week and she said oh we just had them done last week but he wasn't very good as he never washed any of the frames.. So I said, well with our water fed pole system we wash all frames and glass. So she said I will hear from them soon..

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