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C Rose Cleaning Services

First day with a Sky Vac Atom

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Absolutely brilliant piece of kit. Got four jobs done in the same time I'd normally do 2-3. Less mess (apart from cleaning all the kit afterwards but no grubby nails and hands from scooping all the debris out manually) and completely safe. Used the vac to clear it out and my WFP setup to clean all the gutters and fascias. Near enough paid for itself in one sitting.


Highly recommend it if you're on the fence or not sure if it's worth the cost!

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Just yesterday I got the full 1800 kit from Alex (guttercleaningsystems) with carbon poles and I am absolutely impressed! Fantastic machine! Was using his 1200 alu kit before and it was good too but this thing is just flying! Really bad gutters on 3 bed semi I did in less than half an hour! I do recommend!

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