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Bad week.


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I got good news at the start of a week of a likely contract that was heading my way.


Now while that is great news I've heard nothing since which has unsettled me a bit as to me getting it.


Then with the bad weather and with me not having the money to be able to purchase work gear I want and need to move the business forward, it's left me in a dark place.


My wife's accompanying me out canvassing tomorrow, we're going into the small villages nearby where bigger properties are and she'll keep me motivated and company while I'm out and will help me price jobs up, not that I need help but she'll most likely make me quote more as she'll want more money hehe.


I'm just in a bad place, what do you do when you hit one of these patches? Or do you even?

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Mate to be honest having your other half will probably actually help as people will feel more at ease with having a female there with you .

I got 6 in 1 day when I had my mrs with me .


Chin up and face it head on !

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What gear do you need mate?


Everyone hits bad patches, I earned just over £100 this week, and have about a £10 left.. I wanted to buy a backpack this week and will now be put off til next week, when I wanted to buy a new pole so that will have to wait til the following week..


Good idea taking the misses out, I think they will have alot more chance getting work than fellas.. Good luck tho

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Guest Paul

I totally get where your coming from it's the worst feeling ever Ive been having it a liot ately but then it picks up and all the negativity goes hope it passes soon pal

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I need a 350litre tank, cage, hose reel and waterproofing kit for my van floor.


I'm also in the market for a decent ro system(prebuilt or diy).


So about £1,000 worth of stuff.


Bits at a time though hehe

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Masons what hose reel are u looking at ? I got the 100m purfreedom hose reel.... cost me over £100.00 but its really good and once i turn my varistream on.... water is pumping through it to my pole within 10 seconds :huh:


And im always van mounted now with my purefreedom trolley :huh: lol

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That's what I'm going for H.


I want my pure freedom trolley side by side with my 350 tank, and 2-3 jerry cans always in the van for jobs I need a trolley for.



Too much stuff so little money and bad weather.

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Masons ive got that system right what your on about :huh: ive got a 350litre tank and my trolley sits beside it... with the hosfeed in it... reaches right at the bottom aswell :huh: :huh:


Then i have 3 x 25litre barrels.... if they run out.... i can just refill it with the tap on my tank at the bottom :huh: then ive got my hose reel sat right in front of my van..... when i open the door..... and the cone stacked behind it lol


I will show you all my van setup next time i got work :)

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Ive got a peugeot partner mate... what year is your kangoo ?


And yeah i waterproofed it myself.... i done it at 4oclock in the morning 1 day then 24 hours later i done a second coating of it :huh:


and thats it mate


Its a messy job if your not a fan of painting. i hate painting... but i had to do it lol

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