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P.P.E. / Personal protective equipment.

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Eviestevie    721

I agree that green that we need to wear protective clothing when softwashing

Breathing in chemicals as well is never good long term

I first started wearing respiratory masks when using sealants on drives as even the next day I could taste in my throat

Ealier this year I did a softwash drive had my gear on looking like a spaceman,

the neighbour came home and and thought I was from the another planet

He instantly started snooping and low and behold he's a chemical scientist or something like that for swarfega

Apparently he invented the swarfega orange

But anyway he insisted I used no hypo near the boundaries off his is property,I've never had it before or after but it did spook me to be honest and now I almost feel anxious when putting my kit on like I'm drawing attention to myself

I ended up pressure washing it all lol

I know it's off topic and we need to wear protective clothing etc but also I do think it draws a unwanted attention sometimes as well

Have you green ever been asked why your wearing the mask etc??

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Yes and I explain it's just like painting something, you dont want to breath in the fumes if you don't have to. Better safe than sorry and they seem to be happy about that.


As for the attention I have found the opposite, the nosy neighbors see the gear, come to see and next thing they are signing up as you look like a professional.


Just having this same discussion with Luke (Taxloss) on FB

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Eviestevie    721

Ye it's a tricky one for sure with the slightly grey area with the chemicals etc and disposal

I know most are happy and I do think it looks proffesional just.like owt there's always going to be the noisy one

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jason1965    43

I have had the same problem, specially using hypo, one bit of clothing i find that does not stain and go a patchy from the chemical is to wear waterproof trousers and jacket, tbh i dont think you need to spend a great deal on them, but if you are working in warmer weather the cheap ones are not breathable and you will sweat like a pig, but you could pick up a decent set for under £50, i play a lot of golf, and i use my old waterproof stuff for work, its really lightweight and breathable, and will save you money because it will not stain, like cotton trousers do, and you can hose yourself down during and after the job, look on ebay Nike, Adidas, Ping, Proquip, Stuburt, Sunice, Footjoy, Woodwoom, etc etc but make sure its breathable, unless someone is selling a second hand set, do not buy the really cheap ones, they wont be breathable.

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