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Window cleaning franchise


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Hi All,


Looking at setting up as a windy and have been looking at this offer.What do you seasoned punters think?


Posted on 07/06/12

Region: South East England

Location: Kent & Sussex

Type: Domestic

Monthly Avg Value : £4,400

Established For: 5+ years

Comments: We operate several rounds in Kent and Sussex, which turnover 4K-4.5K per 4 weekly period. Earning potential after costs paid £500-£700 per week. Rounds are currently being serviced and ready to be taken over on a franchise basis. Customer payments made by Direct Debit, card and online (no cash). Domestic customers only, full customer contact details available. Full training / induction is provided if required. A great long term investment.

Asking Price : £16,000

Contact Details : James Vincent - 01622842727 - [send Email]

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£16k is alot of money to throw out, also will you need to set yourself up with van/equipment? and what exactly does a franchise basis mean?


If you have £16k sitting about you could pay a canvasser, for 1/2 the price.

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Build your own business up so you own it.... dont buy from anyone... with £16,000 you could spend less then half of that and build up a decent business with a nice fancy van and decent equipment etc , and then get loads of flyers,cards printed and knock on a load of doors and you will see results :)

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That doesn’t sound like a franchise, but I’m sure you must have more information that you haven’t posted here about it.


Not every one will make going self employed as a window cleaner work, so going down the franchise route will work for some.


I recently helped someone local set up (in a small way) they worked with another window cleaner first, learned a few things, then went and did it themselves, Brought a trolley from me a few months ago - they just purchased an Aerial brush from me last Friday, turned up with a van & wfp system and now employs, they hit £650 a day, even then I had to advise him on his pricing (just making common mistakes new people make, but needs to be nipped in the bud at this stage)


Not everyone can do what he has, doubly so, in just a few months. I also know he has invested a similar amount of money you mention for the franchise, with the purchase of a round, equipment and van etc.


I would take look at all possible franchises and compare and weigh up the advantages as well as compare it to doing it yourself, before you make the decision.



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To be honest I would not entertain buying a window cleaning franchise the idea is bonkers absolute bonkers if you ask me .


keep ya money and build your own round up . if you need to be making money from day one the other way is to just buy a round

or a couple of rounds and hit the road running .


Myself and big H are two people here from many who have started up from scratch recently and we are proof that you can build your own round up

and earn from day one .

Fair enough you may not be making 4k a month from day one but it takes time .

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For 16k I would want the full round, end off, no franchising fees or anything like that, I wouldn't touch anything like that for window cleaning. Its different is its a nationally franchise with loads of tv adds etc, that is going to generate you allot of business. But I dont know of any like that in the window cleaning industry.


My personal gut reaction, is that you would be getting ripped off. If he was just selling the round for 16k, bearing in mine it is maintained and he has been established for over 5 years, I would be interested if I was in your shoes and had the cash, but if the guy is wanting franchising fees on top of that, I would run a mile.


Stay clear mate, keep your money, until a bit more honest opportunity comes along, and in the mean time get out and start canvassing.

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To be honest.... if i was spending 16k... i wouldnt only want a full round ! i would want a nice van with a decent system in it & 2 high class poles in the van aswell ! LOL


You cant buy someone elses work.... 30% of the jobs you will probably lose.... so why pay so much ?


Gav.b is right.... start from scratch mate like me and him.


I suggest u go your own way mate get your own van sign it up get your own system and everything make it your own business, choose your own business name mate..... dont buy some one elses work.... when you are big... you can say to people i built this business !.... and thats when people start respecting you.... you will have a good business behind your back :D


All thsi can be done with less then half of 16k !


And put a few grand aside to live on for 2,3 months while your round picks up.......


Now thats a great idea.... and trust me you will not regret making this move mate :)

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Hi All,

Many thanks for all the suggestions/comments etc.A couple of answers to peoples questions:

1.To the guy that asked if I'd anymore info,no was the answer at the time.I sent him a email and had the following reply:


Thank you for your enquiry. We have several rounds available. We operate a

franchising system which gives you security and support. The initial fee is

3 times to total value of the round you wish to purchase + VAT. We have

currently got 7 franchises operating and 6 other rounds with employed

cleaners. I have attached an introductory brochure for your perusal and if

you would like to find out more then I would welcome a face to face meeting

to point out the specifics of the franchise and what you can earn etc. We

currently have available franchises in Sittingbourne, Herne Bay, Medway,

Dartford & the Orpington area. There is no cash collection involved. Your

customers would use our unique payment system to collect funds. The

franchise is basically fully managed by us leaving you time to clean more

windows and get more customers. I look forward to hearing from you.


Yours Sincerely,


James Vincent


T: 01622842727

W: www.ezy-clean.co.uk


I have hopefully attached a copy of the brochure that I also received.It would appear you only get about 1/4 the work to start and then build it up from there.I shall have think about this, but it doesn't look that appealing the further you look into it.

Yes, Masons, I haven't forgot, the guy selling windy stuff is Chris Godwin 07540925652

Sorry, can't upload the pdf brochure!!!

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Johnnyt.... why do you want to earn somebody else money ? ? why dont you work for yourself ? And no u wont be earning money for yourself..... your earning money for the person who sent u that E-mail.


Be youir own boss and do what you want with your own business.


You will regret making this move.... that is such a rip off !


But if u got money to burn then go for it !

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That is way over the top for a franchise.... That company works in my area and they have only a couple in each street nothing compact well not that i have seen...


For those who don't like canvassing advertise for canvassers on gumtree and offer 50% of the first clean and they will get paid after the 1st clean has been done... You will have people snapping your hand off to earn a few some cash for a hours each evening...

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Thanks again guys.The more I look at it the more it starts to appear a non-starter.I could probably get an old van,1.5/2k,some second-hand basic gear and a canvasser to target 1k worth of work to start,probably for about 5k all in.


Bugga,still can't upload the pdf brochure I received.

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Yes Mate,


I believed I was going to get about 4k's worth of work for that.Reading through the brochure, it would appear you're getting about a 1/4 of that with the money going on new, fully fitted van,uniform and payment collection system.

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