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Williams Jet Wash

tower scaffold

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Williams Jet Wash

SUPER DIY 5.2m (inc 2 Outriggers) - Loyal SDIY Aluminium Scaffold Tower / Towers | eBay


Does anyon have any advice on buying tower scaffold i'd like it solid safe and about 5 metres high i suppose for a normal sized house.. what scaffold do you have? any images? any links to reccomendations i'm not looking for guess work as spending good money i'm looking for tried and tested ?






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That's very cheap for that sort of scaffolding, I'm near sure for the tries and tested stuff it starts from about a grand

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Utterly Gutterly

Don't bother Jake, you'll regret going cheap. I have seen that one in the flesh and its shite. I paid over a grand for mine and it still wobbles.

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Guest Solarpanelcleanington

You want boss or youngmans type thing. I tend to hire them at about 100 quid a day, probably less for second. Very handy having it dropped off and picked up.


Don't buy a cheap one, they are terrifying!


Outriggers are critical too!

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