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Best mid size van for window cleaning

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I think my van is perfect size wise.fiat scudo 2007 on not the older shape which were smaller. Same van as peugeot expert and citroen dispatch. Small enough it fits it a car parking space but big enough to carry a fair bit of kit. Payloads 1000kg plus depending on exact model. If you get one get the 2.0hdi. The 1.6 are a bit underpowered

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Guest Solarpanelcleanington

How much water are you going to carry? How hilly is your area?

I had a scudo that really struggled to get up steep hills with a full load of water. No turbo though.

Swb transit now that flies up.

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Nissan nv200 for me but it's a bit under powered so if your going to be carrying a lot of water maybe not the one for you.

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Ryan's Window Cleaning
Hi anyone advise what is a good choice of a window clean van in mid size range?




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If you can get one at a good price, I recommend the caddy maxi, mine is 1.9tdi so got abit of power, I never feel like it's too slow even with a full tank. I carry a 500l tank & frame, two hose reels, a set of fold up ladders & a back pack and still have enough space for my gutter vac equipment when I need it. Got a 800kg pay load. If I take a passenger I don't carry my big ladders on top and only put £20 fuel in at a time as I could go over pay load though

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