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I Hate Messers !

All Round Cleaning

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As the ***le says I hate god damn messers !!!!!!


all new customers out of 13 booked in today i done 3 jobs .


1 cancelled as had no cash ?????? and the others were either out and i needed access .


or the one of them's excuse can you come back as i have visitors and its raining . I tried to explain to her im running a business not doing it for the fun of it . then she said can you come back when its not raining . my reply was look im here twice a month i can't keep coming and you telling me not to do it because i will take you off the round , so she agreed to me doing them when im up there next .

if she does it again she's off and if i see another windy on my round i will tell him to steer clear !!!!


But the 3 I did do one lady txt me about an hr after saying she was very pleased with the work I had done and could I do some other work around her house " wink wink " .


So over all a pooh day but at least in 2 weeks time put with my others on that round I will have a busy day and should have a healthy

pay packet for that day as the others have already been cleaned .

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Very professional. Nice.


We are all in the same boat mate come rain or shine we need to earn money so if i can help a fellow windy not to be messed about i will .

no skin off my nose .

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We are all in the same boat mate come rain or shine we need to earn money so if i can help a fellow windy not to be messed about i will .

no skin off my nose .

i realise my comment sounded sarcastic. lol


I never really meet windy's in the area's I clean and if I do I know them well so we do talk about ones we have had that we got rid of cause of bad payers or bad at***udes.

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I had one as well today mate or at least think I did lol, got 3 new jobs off facebook, had to put it off cos of weather and turned up about 5.30 there was no'one in and won't do a first clean from fb unless someones there. Anyway she dissappeared from fb now, I'll check how long they been on there in future.

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Guest madboat

sorry did not realise you could not swear :)

i hate messers too.

people make the biggest purchase of there lives buying a home.

but, dont wanna pay the £10 to keep it clean?

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We all get em gav. They really swearword you off but there is people out there who think we do it for fun & look down on you. I have dropped a few like that & warned other windys & I have been warned off some to by other windys.

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I lost a customer to***ht, first in ages.. Was round on Tuesday and noticed a window on the side of the door boarded up.. Called to***ht for the money and she goes can I just leave them now as she has to increase the security round the back, I goes sure I could do the fronts if you want as I'll be doing the rest of the houses, she goes hmmm sure I will call you just whenever I need them done so I can be here, I goes ok see you later.. She goes cheerio, I go see ye.. Then I goes beah into myself :)

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Some people put alot of trust in you, from the get go, even tho they don't know you(say when you start a round)


Totally agree there, perfect example today I went to do a clean at a house there was a woman home alone we had never met before as the job was through Facebook and the first thing she asked was could you help me open my bedroom door it's stuck lol I could of been a raving looney.

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