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RO/di set up for part time business

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Yeh I bought a 600GPD system from waterfedpole.com. Think it was £350+vat. Really easy to set up. My water pressure is quite poor (30psi) but I never run out of water as I fill my storage tank over night. Filter replacements are only £25 every 4 months. I spent 2 or 3 days looking around comparing etc before I bought it, by far the best value for money one. The R.O water comes out at 10ppm which is great. I know And I live in a very hard water area (Bournemouth) the ratio of pure to waste is about a third pure. But annoying. Think the website does a 300GPD R.O which would obviously be cheaper.

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Ebay..collins water products 450gpd £170

Mine has never let me down and i got it off another windie who upgraded to 4040 and had it for a while before me

@Den and @Adams0211 have the same one


As Daveyboy says more than adequate for your needs these ROs work well, even though this summer I'm thinking about upgrading.

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