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Hi everyone,


Been reading through the forum for a few weeks now and its given me alot of confidence in regard to starting out on my own.


Have done a little shopping around and got myself a good deal (or so I think) on a trailer system.


350 Litre baffled tank

RO MAN system and DI

Carbon Fibre WFP with Ionic brush

70PSI autoswitch pump

25m reinforced hose


What does everyone think?

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Guest Aqua-dapter

Hi Gleam123,


Are you asking how much everyone thinks it is worth, or did you mean to put the price to get comments on whether it's a good deal or not?



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Is it new or second hand,make sure if it is second hand you check all the paper work vin plates and chassis number.Sounds like a fair price,what size pole is in the package and what size R/O are you going for.The tank is big enough.

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Guest colinvansmith

hiya, my opinion the RO is too small you should be looking for about 300gpd, also your hose is way too short the standard is usually 100 metres i think you may run into problems with a 25 metre hose especially if u have a few houses in the one street and have to keep packing up and moving 20 yards to the next house along the street just to unpack again that will get very frustrating as you will be wasting alot of time and thus money unless of course you unhook your trailor and push it around


col :)

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I agree with col,You would need a storage tank (IBC 1000L) if your going to use 75 gpd R/O and 100 metres of hose.18 ft pole is okay for standard domestic homes but look at something around 27-35 ft as well as this will give you enough reach for windows above conservatories and extensions.thing is when you start out WFP window cleaning you buy a few bits that later you realise you didn't need or suit the way you work.

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Thanks for the input guys, to be honest I did think the hose and pole were a little on the short side. I thought the whole package was at a good price though so the longer hose and pole can be bought and fitted to the system.

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Guest STOZ

i noticed the hose is very short also. get some warning signs made up i got 2 really good solid ones made up for 100 quid, but you can buy the safety stickers using plywood , pieces of chain to hold and seperate them . the cost of the safety signs is a lot cheaper than paying out a claim to someone , also get good insurance cover, m i can recommened you a good one as i get will get a discount and you will for your 1st year, my email is paul@blenheimcleaning.co.uk, 30 years in game, best of luck.

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