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traveling time

Guest kars

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Don't understand what you mean,do you guys pick up a van from the yard if so that's when their day starts if it takes an hour to travel to their first job then you should pay them in my opinion.Keeping employees happy is must to keep your company profitable

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Guest kars

ok mabe im wrong. we cover a large distance where its not unusual to take approx 40 mins to get to a area we work in so i thought i was being resonable paying for half the travel time. My previous job i had to leave at 7 to be there for 8 with no travel time to get to my work plus i had to pay the costs!! im the one doing the driving all they have to do is sit there! so is it standard to pay for full travel time? very open to suggestion and will right my wrong if so??

i pick them up from their homes which is only 5 miles from me

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Can you pay them a day rate which they get regardless?


Bit risky with the weather! if we get rained off then they dont get paid and have to make up the hours at the moment . got the solicitor finalising the contracts at the moment but we are stuck at what to do with the unpredictable hours, hours general and what the guys need to live on.. at the moment the business cant sustain paying them when we cant work. my other half is substaining things at the moment!!??? :P:D:)

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Guest colinvansmith

self employed contract, they get paid a percentage of what they bring in, that way if they don't work they don't get paid, the harder they work the more they make, and as they are self employed there is no need to pay them holiday pay, sick pay etc. also they are responsible for insuring themselves. works great for me takes all the hassle out of it give them a target and if they don't reach it on a particular day the percentage they get drops, and if they get a customer complaint, they lose a fiver and if a customer cancels they loose the value of that customers job as in one months value.




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Be careful about classing them as self employed - copied this from the HMRC web site:



Employed or self-employed?


In order to answer this question it is necessary to determine whether the person works under a contract of service (employees) or under a contract for services (self-employed, independent contractor). For tax and NICs purposes, there is no statutory definition of a contract of service or of a contract for services. What the parties call their relationship, or what they consider it to be, is not conclusive. It is the reality of the relationship that matters.


In order to determine the nature of a contract, it is necessary to apply common law principles. The courts have, over the years, laid down some factors and tests that are relevant, which is included in the overview below.


As a general guide as to whether a worker is an employee or self-employed; if the answer is 'Yes' to all of the following questions, then the worker is probably an employee:


Do they have to do the work themselves?

Can someone tell them at any time what to do, where to carry out the work or when and how to do it?

Can they work a set amount of hours?

Can someone move them from task to task?

Are they paid by the hour, week, or month?

Can they get overtime pay or bonus payment?


If the answer is 'Yes' to all of the following questions, it will usually mean that the worker is self-employed:


Can they hire someone to do the work or engage helpers at their own expense?

Do they risk their own money?

Do they provide the main items of equipment they need to do their job, not just the small tools that many employees provide for themselves?

Do they agree to do a job for a fixed price regardless of how long the job may take?

Can they decide what work to do, how and when to do the work and where to provide the services?

Do they regularly work for a number of different people?

Do they have to correct unsatisfactory work in their own time and at their own expense?



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Guest colinvansmith

Fair one however my guys are paid a percentage of what they make, also they can pick there hours as long as they make there targets ( i set the targets so they have to work normal full time hours to acheive them) if they manage to reach them ealry they can finish when they want.


Col :)

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