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Hi all just wanted to ask you, I cleaned a driveway yesterday it was on a slight hill. I swept up all the slag out of the brick paper driveway swept the pathway and road outside house. But some of the water trickled down the street and left a slight sand staining. This morning went and put the sand on and a neighbour came out complaining about the stain in the street.


What do you guys do about this?

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Dave B

Tell him to jog on??

If it is in the street the next rain will sort it

As long as it is in the road it isn't anyones property so he can do one:rofl:

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Aye sand in the street shouldnt be a problem, probably just after something to moan about! theres always a little bit left on the road in that kind of scenario so I wouldnt pay it any heed at all, best to be polite like but the rain and passing traffic will son clear it :)

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You will always get one of two who complain, but if you look at the bigger picture and you have done all you can, dont worry about it, I had one customer who had spot lights around his house in the patio, he did not want me to use WFP to clean the windows as he said the water would get into the lights, I said to him so when it rains do you go out and cover all the lights up ? he didnt have an answer, got the job, but then rang the customer to say i wouldn't be doing it, more trouble than its worth. You will learn these things with time. One option you could do is get a wet and dry vac, i got one for exactly the same reason as you, and also most crusties have really bad drainage and you get pools of dirt and water., Got the vac from screwfix, sucks like a Thai hooker, brilliant bit of kit, you can also reverse it and it become a blower, so would be good for blowing excess sand.



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