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K in Kent

Introduction to seo4cleaners

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K in Kent


My area of expertise is SEO (search engine optimisation)  and copywriting (website / page content). I am NOT a developer and enquiries regarding website design,creation & hosting should be directed to Gav @ WordPress Website Management.


Like you I also have my own cleaning services business and when my website was created (by a different company - NOT WWM !) it supposedly included 'Google optimised content'.

I was told  to be patient and wait for it to appear in search results (SERPS = search engine results pages) but several months later I was still nowhere for my various services.


At the time I couldn't afford to pay £100s or even £1000s on professional SEO so decided to learn it myself. I started with a knowledge base of zero and just the jargon and language used was daunting at first and meant nothing to me. Nothing.


So i started with the basics and terminology and then getting an understanding of how search engines worked. If you want to do something properly you need to understand what it is you are doing and crucially,why? There was talk of spiders and crawling and I thought 'what are you on about?....Spiders are just a term for the algorithms/software so SPIDERS CRAWL the WEB....aaaah gotcha. From there I got stuck into various Beginners Guides To SEO,online Google courses and tutorials,subscribed to newsletters from the major players like Moz,search engine land,search engine journal and Neil Patel amongst others,moved onto Advanced SEO Guides and have had a keen interest ever since.


Once I realised the many things wrong with my own site I overhauled everything from domain name down (although ironically I still took my developer's advice on name change and have regretted it ever since. However,it does have partial keywords match and is .co.uk whereas it was a .com. Whether co.uk or .com is not a huge factor but these things all have a bearing on your ranking and keywords in domain are definitely relevant both to organic and Google My Business 3 Pack results.

e.g. If I was trying to rank my SEO site in organic results I would NOT have called it seo4cleaners


Other key information that I would recommend all site owners to read,understand and adhere to are Google's Webmaster Guidelines and Google My Business Policies.


So back to my site - I rewrote every page,every SEO title,URL etc etc. The deeper my understanding of SEO and everchanging ranking factors became the more I tweaked areas of my site and improved SEO on and off page as well as content,internal linking,image optimisation etc.

I also improved other non website issues that are essential as part of an overall SEO strategy such as citations,external links and business directory listings,descriptions and services I had shown on them. The importance of consistent and accurate information being held by the different directory listings cannot be overstated nor can the importance of registering with the most authoritative of them - yell , yelp , thomson , freeindex , scoot and most important of all a verified listing on Google My Business.

I came to realise the importance of optimised keyword-rich descriptions and accurate NAP - name,address,phone number.


I may elaborate on the  importance of directory listings and reviews in a future post but it is also worth noting that occasionally a well optimised listing can appear in SERPS ahead of the directory itself. But these only account for 7% of page 1 search results so it has to be good.


The net result of all my efforts was I ended up first or at worst top 3 for ALL my services in local search results and went straight to the top for  new cleaning services that I introduced.

I have at least three services that also have my personal business directory listing on page 1 in addition to top place(s) in organic results with my website page(s) - part of the 7% !! The directories concerned are yell , freeindex and 192.com..

For many services I have 2 - or more listings - of my website pages in organic results,i.e. home page + service page. For soft washing locally I occupy 8 out of the 10 page 1 results.

I also appear in the GMB 3 pack results above organics for services that display a local 3 pack.

I've stayed where I am for 2 years so it's not by spammy,black hat SEO techniques which is a quick fix doomed to failure in time. It's through legitimate,white hat SEO methods and good content.

I've also widened my service areas for certain services and created new pages with unique content targeting each town / area and I'm on page 1 for all of them including London.


Getting onto page 1 is EVERYTHING in my opinion. Regardless of other methods you use to generate business they are secondary to a high ranking online prescence. To prove the point I've just taken a screenshot of my site's analytics info for the last 30 days, dated 15th June 2017. Key stats are over 1,500 visitors and 155 contact forms sent (+ phone calls).

As you can see 1167 visitors came via Google. This is actually below the UK average which sees over 80% of searches done using Google.







I am NOT trying to show off or give it the big 'un. I just want to show that I know what I'm doing and how important the internet is for growing your business.

By all means try flyers,canvassing,advertising etc but none compare to being high up on Google SERPS.

I've since had similar results with a number of sites of my friends in unrelated service industries and more recently with Chris from this forum. I'd also like to thank him for his glowing endorsement and encouragement in me pursuing my SEO activities.


I hope this tells you something about me and I will be adding further posts relating to SEO and copywriting. Please feel free to contact me.

I don't claim to be a professional SEO but nor am I charging their prices! No one can guarantee page 1 of Google but I bet I can get you on there within a month!


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Very interesting, I have taken note and will be keeping this on the back burner, will be in touch at some point!! :1f44d:

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bloxwich pressure clean

hi, im really interested in using your services . can you please pm me with some details as to what it entails 

thanks nigel

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Hi Mate


Could you give me a call on 0737 7813602 to discuss your seo services further.

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Did anyone hear from Kieron lately?

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