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Roof clean today

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what a blady job lol can i ask is it quicker to use a pressure washer as we used scraper and hand brush withy broom to finish off this took  6.5 hours to people alltho my guy is 76 years old but can hold his own just:1f603:

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Great job mate.


I did a small roof the other day just over a garage on a detached house with my pressure washer, did it pretty fast. Made a mess of the walls gutters fascia, pressure washer lance just about managed to get it all off. 


I just stood in front of the roof on ladders, the client said he was happy for me to do it with the water firing up the roof not down.. Ideally I'd like to give a telescopic lance a go. 

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Dave B

Pressure washer is quick but takes years off the life of the roof tiles

Mums other half was a roofer and i have done jobs with him where you can see all the gritty coating has been destroyed with a pressure washer

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