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Iain kinnell


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Iain kinnell

360m2 block paving wash and resand

110m2 Indian stone wash.

I quoted this job had it accepted and have now been told that someone has quoted it and will apply black spot remover to the whole area? And wash etc.

Are they using hypo as the black

Spot remover? How much would be needed on a area like this?


Many thanks



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Don't know but hypo is cheap about £15 for 20-25 ltr @15% strength just get a couple of drums and try it 

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How much would it cost for all that to be done it sa pretty big area?

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K in Kent

Yes they surely must be using hypo because it's the most cost effective - and effective - way of doing it.


Using a 50/50 hypo/water mix 10 litres covers about 20 sqm for 1 treatment so 25 litre drum will do about 100sqm.


So you're looking at about 5 drums = £125.


Assuming lichens aren't too bad.Obviously the worse the concentration of lichens and longer they've been there,the harder they are to remove.


If u do get the job would advise doing it in sections because u don't want to be putting down that sort of amount of hypo in one go

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