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I am so confused can anyone help

Reach For The Glass

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Hi guys.


Let me explain. Ive recently quoted 3 new jobs, by phone call and text combined. 


Now ive priced all 3 and all 3 been accepted. They were not all quoted same day but maybe over the last 6 weeks. 


After i have quoted each job, a day or so goes by and i recieve a text from the customer saying 


" can i confirm your doing this day as "my name" said you can do it for me as he is away. Thanks for doing it for me just let me know what time roughly."


I then call the customer and say to them i spoke to you yesterday about price, times and dates. Who is it who has text you to say i cant do it???


The same name always comes up. Its s though my phone calls or texts are being read by another cleaner. When i confirm a job the person then contacts the customer to say i cant do it but they will step in as im too busy. 


This is so strange. @Gav @K in Kent any ideas or anyone else. 


I dont know if my calls are being diverted to another number, texts or emails are being read to take work. 


Thanks guys.

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If that was me I'd get a mate in on it and message them and wait there for him

When he stitches you up and comes round to clean them i would say "come in mate"

When he sees the zip ties, spade, tazer and machete sitting on the table i reckon he would :1f4a9: himself and get the message when you warn him off:1f602:

Seriously though he is playing with fire as if it was me he would learn the hard way not to be so crafty


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I have some tasty friends i would use to scare the life out of him

One is a big black bodybuilder who lives on broadwater farm (of the riots fame) who has bnp stickers on his flat windows just to make people think he is even madder than he is lol

He just needs a scare and he should leave you alone after that

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1 hour ago, Reach For The Glass said:

Website and fb is where they a coming from. 


I am wondering if your fb is compromised, or privacy settings are wrong, and they are reading messages and then just pretending to send someone else out just so it looks like you are messing your custys about. 

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Defo not voicemail and custies who i have spoken to didnt have tge number / withheld.


Also i think hes only trying to getbthe 1st clean money and not wanting work after, telling custies ill carry on afterwards.

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I got a text asking if I still did work on a certain estate and named a road, said yes, will charge whatever I quoted on my flyer, and can do when I am there next and gave a date.......never got reply...thought slightly funny.... now think may have been a competitor not a prospective customer

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On 7/26/2017 at 20:10, Reach For The Glass said:



Also i think hes only trying to getbthe 1st clean money and not wanting work after, telling custies ill carry on afterwards.


When you find out who he is, let me know!!  My lot would be much happier being given clean jobs to add to their rounds, rather than the manky 1st clean stuff they usually get!

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