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X Line Evolution Pro + V3 Poles........opinions?

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Hi all


I am looking into buying a new carbon fibre pole around 30 -35 foot. Does anyone have any experience with these poles and this brand? They seem pretty good and budget does not stretch to the higher priced models in the range so was wondering if anyone can advise on their durability, the new water bar type heads, cleaning effectiveness etc.





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Their clamps haven't changed in over 5 years since they took over from Elite I still have a pole in the garage with the same clamps X-Line are using now and the clamps were useless after 18 months as their was no adjustment left in them. 

First choice for the vast majority of us lads is http://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk  a 30-35ft pole the choice would be a S-Max but they are expensive, The cheaper option with good rigidity would be a SLX30 with a 35ft reach best brush if you are doing a lot of high level commercial work would be a Xtreme been the lightest brush or a Ultimate medium mixed both the poles and brushes outclass X-Line in quality and the brushes are a whole load lighter than X-Line brushes which will be like a house brick on the end of a pole at height.

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ive got a xline 20ft pro carbon v3 nice pole nice clamps not had it long so not shore how it will last if it lasts 2 years ill be happy its stiff and a nice fiel to the sections ive gone from slx to xline so we will see lol if u do get one get the rite size pole as them extions are 6ft tall and a pain in the ars if they were 5 foot it would be much beta not shore what they were thinking when they designed  these extions!

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:1f602: Haha, brilliant. OK, OK, a Gardiner it is! So now the question is are the Super Max 3K poles much better than the SLX range? I have been on this site for days researching and know that the SLX are very highly rated here so what benefits are there going with the newer Super Max. Is it just a weight thing? I am eyeing up the Super Max 27 3K version withe one extension pole. What do people think of these? (have attached the specs below) The budget wont stretch to the Xtreme poles and to be honest they are probably overkill for me anyway.


For reference I currently use an Ionic Glyder 30! 


On a side note, a big thanks to everyone here. I think I have read through every thread made in the last week or so and the advice has been priceless. :1f44d:


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3 hours ago, tench0771 said:

the super max range is meant to be a tad heaver a tad stiffer and harder wearing but having said that the slx is a propa work horse of a pole 


Hmm OK, so the question is, is the Super Max 27 3K worth the nearly £200 more than the SLX 27 or would it be better to get the SLX and a couple of extra different brushes? Tis a conundrum! and maybe requires a new thread so please no more responses here, thank you.

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