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WFP Work For Sale In The Hornchurch Essex Area

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I have five jobs in the Hornchurch area (all in one road) that I would like to sell.


Three of the jobs are cleaned six weekly, one is cleaned every two weeks and one is every four weeks (could probably change her to two weeks also)


The total amount is just over £195 every six weeks and the customers pay on the day of the clean.


Ive had these customers for over six years and they know me very well. I have full names and phone numbers so you can book work in night before.


My asking Price is £600 they are due to be cleaned now is I can clean alongside buyer.


All jobs are £25.00 apart from one which is £45.00 as we wipe over he’s inside windows with a cloth with deionised water. 


They are cleaned by Reach and Wash.


Feel free to P.M. if you're interested.




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Sold Please Delete

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