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upvc max


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well i tryed upvc max today and wasent that inpressed to be fair ill stick to tfr20 much beta and works faster i even doubled up on the upvcmax 500 mill to 5 leters of water and it wasent that good so not shore what all the fuss is about on fb:1f44e:

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10 minutes ago, tench0771 said:

i was realy looking forwould to the upvc max due to all the hype  but looks like its just a load of tripe :1f644:

Are you a poet but don't know it :1f603:

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Simon don't you think it's time to give Daniel a call regarding trolley as well???hes on the forum but hasn't mentioned it yet

Said I wouldn't get involved but he's a friend and good bloke can you call him 

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4 hours ago, Green Pro Clean Ltd said:

I have some UPVC max and TFR Max.  Soon as they are run out I will stick to Ubix. 

Very interested to hear why you will be going back to Ubix after using UPVC Max and TFR Max? 

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Straight to the point, that's what I like about you Mr Green. Well I asked that Scott guy who sells the super TFR 20 and 10 for chemical data sheets and got no reply,, that says it all really! I got a feeling it is hypo based anyhows and is a caustic so nasty stuff! I trust your opinion as your a very experienced exterior cleaner,, what's UBik like for UPVC, the biodegradable part is a real bonus too! 

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Ubix is great for UPVC, but as with any cleaner DO NOT LET IT DRY or it may cause that oranging effect.  (Rarely but sometimes) 


For that proper ingrained grey staining on UPVC I always resort to Unger rub out.  


All these 'NEW' cleaning companies poping up are just having rebranded Bonnymans products or watering down commercial grade at 3/1 and charging you for trash. 


Last point -- And this is fact you can look it up -- It is illegal to sell chemicals in the UK without providing a COSHH sheet.  Just an FYI

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Thanks very much Mr Green, I am asking as I want to get into UPVC restoration in a big way and really don't want to be wasting my money on something that doesn't work. All this talk about UPVC Max and that Scott Dennings TFR stuff has done my head in to be honest. There's guys on here that's raving about both products are the best thing since slice bread. Oh, I asked Scott Denning for MSDS, COSHH sheets for his TFR and never heard nothing back. 

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I use Ubik Cristian needed to order more this evening and also ordered scotts tfr20 have plenty time on a full exterior clean Saturday going to try both out decide for myself all let you know how I find they compare please note I have no issues at all with ubik great stuff just like to make up my own mind up

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Scott Denning does not have any Chemical safety sheets for that TFR, I have asked others have too. God knows what's in the stuff and I for one will not use it as I don't know what's in the stuff!!! 

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