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Going through a bag of resin every month


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At the moment I'm going through a £75 bag of resin a month, which I get from pure freedom, I only have 150 customers so not even full time yet as from the picture I have 2 vessels a 40/40 filter and the pre filters which get changed every few months. I do also regularly flush the tank for 30 mins. Any help as to why my ppm is going so high so often would be much appreciated. It went from 0-6 within a day then the next day up to 26ppm this was only a week after changing the resin. Tap ppm is just over 300. Thanks 


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13 minutes ago, High-tower said:

What ppm does it go in at? And what is it after the ro before the di? 

just what i was wondering high-tower,i'd be looking at the wastevalve to begin with,my tap ppm is around 225 and use a bag of resin a year so there is something very wrong somewhere.

idealy adda85,come back with some more info,

tds reading as it comes out of the ro,

how much is the waste valve unscrewed?

i'm no expert at all but the answer is usually simple to problems like this

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1 minute ago, Adda85 said:

The ppm arter filters is 99ppm. I haven't had the waste valve unscrewed at all only when flushing the tank, sorry I still quite new to how it all works 

cool,theres your problem mate,unscrew the red valve slightly-1/2 turn maybe and the tds going to the resin vessell should lower a bit,take some time and fiddle with the valve setting until you get the reading low enough

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@spruce is the man in the know

You need to open the valve and get 2 jugs or bottles with the waste in to 1 and the product in the other and see how long they both take to fill

You need to find a balance between not too much waste and letting the membrane flush itself 

Ideally it would be about 60/40

60% waste 50% pure.. 50/50 max but check the tds on both settings and find the middle ground

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I have a system from Pure Freedom in my van, what is your water pressure? If it is much below 40 psi the R/O wont remove as much as it should.

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If you open it too much you will drop the pressure as well I think. I would give it a good flush and then measure what your TDS is prior to DI. If your membrane is working correctly  it should be below 10ppm

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I have a similar set up but I run a booster pump 40/40's need good pressure.


I believe pure freedom drill a hole in the gate valve and suggest closing it up turning clockwise you should still see waste water running down the drain even when the gate valve is closed.

They also suggest disconnecting the di after the ro (the in)when filling at first  as this water will be high tds (and ruin resin quicker)and let the tds drop before reconnecting the d.i I have a dual inline tds and this helps to keep an eye on the tds after ro(mine is between 12-10ppm) and after di(what goes in tank 0)


Give it a good flush (open all the way)For an hour or two then close and the gate valve see what the tds coming out the ro after 1-2 min is it should drop to around 12-8ppm if its still really high chance are the membrane is no good.

 The above may work it does for me if not

Doug(daqua) and Spruce will advise best.

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I have 2 taps so i can avoid high tds (tds spike) goimg through my resin but at the short amount of time the spike lasts won't make much difference to resin consumption.. maybe lose a week or 2 over a year but not that much difference 

I sometimes forget to do mine  (or don't bother if it's peeing down, just turn tap on and run indoors)

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I would suspect either the membranes had it or tap water is getting by it somehow,your membrane is only reducing it from 300 to 100 that is total rubbish, it shoud be around 15 after being through the membrane and before the polishing resin,that is why you are eating resin.Check you have the right fiting membranes for your machine anf if you are confident they are (and they could be fakes), and fitted correctly then you will have to buy some new.

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If u have kept the valve closed.  Membrane probably done.    After the ro it should be coming out at around 004-014.   Then Di.  And s bag of resin should last u ages.     

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I'm in Yatton, which is near Bristol. I think the membrane is done as I have had it for over a year without it being changed. I kept the valve closed as that is what it said to do in the pure freedom Manuel.

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