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Powered hose reels. Yay or Nay?

Guest 1217

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Looking at the PowerUP  reels from WCW and they are calling to me big time. Reeling in after every job is probably my biggest hate with water fed.  Being able to stand there while it reels nicely back in seems great, in theory, especially with the newer ones being remote controlled as well. Reeling in while walking back to the van could save valuable time over the long run. 


I am sure however that the reality is not as rosy otherwise everyone would be using them. So come on, deflate my balloon folks. What are the pros and cons of these things? A few questions:


How are they powered?

Do they reel on nice and evenly or need a lot of careful guidance from the operator?

If the hose gets caught is there a shut off or does it just try to keep yanking?

Are they built well and what what happens if they fail. Can they be used manually if a fault develops?


Your views are much apreciated.

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Powered from your 12v system battery. 

They do need guiding on to the reel, otherwise it'll bunch up and can come off the side and snag up. I dont see that you could use a remote to wind it in without headaches.

they will stop fairly easily if they snag or are stepped on, pretty handy for preventing damage or accidents.

fairly simple system and easy to adjust and mend. if it comes with a handle you could wind it in manually, not sure that they do though.

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45 minutes ago, Eviestevie said:

Auto retractable I'd never use anything else


You mentioned those on another thread. Do you have some more info? Or a video of them in action? 

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6 hours ago, Eviestevie said:

Auto retractable I'd never use anything else

Hi, I've seen you mention these before and had a quick google but could only find ones for fuel pumps etc any pointers of where to look or links?

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I think the reel that Purefreedom has in the 'pipeline' could be worth a look at.


My 'concern' with the Waterworks' unit is that it uses a 24v motor. Using it on 12v lowers the speed which is good but also lowers the torque which isn't so good imo.


I would hope the PF unit uses a 12v motor like the electric hose reels do in the States.

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1 minute ago, Iron Giant said:

I keep forgetting about the PF one emoji23.png. Once they have everything sorted it does look to potentially be the best.

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My gut is telling me the same. From the little we have seen it looks like the reel will easily hold 100 meters of minibore where the Waterworks one won't as you say.

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16 minutes ago, Den said:

Got mine from WCW, even though it as waterworks badge on it. 




Waterworks is the manufacturer in Corby. You can either buy them direct from Jordan King or from WCW.

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46 minutes ago, 1217 said:

So a leisure battery around 110 amps that runs the pump will also cope with one of these being used all day?

My battery is 75ah and works no problems, WCW supply these with the facelift compact system and they come with a 85ah battery I believe.

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