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Regenerating Resin

Dr Von Samstein

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I came across this earlier




I knew this was possible but had never found a guide before. The chemicals in the guide are serious but I feel up to what he said. I just wanted to know if anyone had ever tried it before? Especially intereted to hear from Doug, I noticed on Daqua website there are loads of details about the tolerances tulision measures up to. I wonder if this type of regeneration will just produce rubbish resin? 


Either way I think I will probably give it a go, what should I bear in mind (and dont worry I'm planning on wearing way more ppe than he suggests)?



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i would think no window cleaner has tried this sam,resin's just a consumable as with most things in business,the cost in materials and time to do this would make it not worthwhile as its easier to buy another bag of resin,

those reef owners will only change 10% of their water every week,(around 50 litres at most)and buy their resin from the aquarium shops at inflated prices so it would make sense for them to re generate resin,but again when you have hundreds and hundreds of pounds worth of coral and livestock (as i used to have when i had a marine tank)theres no way you'd mess with the resin just in case you lost fishstock

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Fair point, I see that it may take time you could just work for the money to buy resin. For me though I will spend approx £800 this year on resin, its quite a potential saving when you compare with the cost of hydrochloric acid and caustic soda

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caustic soda's a baby compared to hydrochlroric acid mate,i used to etch glass with that stuff its very very nasty

and the pain from a small percentage on your skin is unbearable-i'd buy you a bag first so you don't undergo that pain

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Well I guess this is the reason I asked first on here before just going and melting my hand off. Points noted, maybe it will remain in the "would like to try" pile but not actually happen. But I would be very interested if anyone had ever done this

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£800 for resin u must be in a high tds area or have a lot of vans on the go?, have u thault about going ro and 1000l ibc option  more water waste but the waste water could be used as trad water depending on how much u trad

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On 08/08/2017 at 09:42, Sam Peden said:

I live in a flat and don't have anywhere I can process ro water. It's still cheaper than moving house but would be nice to save more.

This has been mentioned on other posts but this might suit you better if any units come up near you:




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I am fibreglassing my big shed roof (size of a small garage) as it is now leaking

Gonna put a gutter on the back as it is 1 big sloped roof not a pointed one

Whenever it rains it will top up my ibc and help fill it as the ro is damn slow

Moving di to the van so only rain/ro water in the tank not pure

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