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Ladder safety

Dan Paton

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i use the wcw foot the ladder when needed but not often also use a ankalad stabliser on my triple when needed but for standerd womdow cleaning on grass stone ect i dont use any safty gear only time i use it is on wet decking  slipry areas 

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ladder skills are a rear thing these days as every one is runing scaired of the H.S police :1f602:i rember the days of real ladder work, kicking the ladder out on one leg on un even ground , bouncing the  top of the ladder to reach large pains of glass in one go , but this was the days were window cleaners injoyed the rush of leg walking , hanging out of 4 story sash windows sliding the windows up and down to clean them, these days were inscane but some of the most fun times of window cleaning for me as they say the good old days :1f61c:  

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Those were the days Lee 

Jump up and down enough and the legs dig in far enough on gravel

Parking the motor so you can use the wheel to foot the ladder on townhouses on icy ground with the ladder over angled to go over the sloped first floor roof

We must have had a screw loose back then

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haha yes it was nuts in them days but those were the days when windows cleaners were men :1f602: the new breed are running around with cam fones filming any one they can find , i rember doing huge ladder slids walking with a 8 meter triple fully extended from window to window :1f44c:

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I remember using heavy metal ladders that were long enough for dormer windows in a 3 floor townhouse roof that had no rope so had to be extended on the ground and then lifted up

How i used them i don't know

Plus whenever i needed them i had to put them on the roof of my fiesta van in the morning and tie old hi viz jackets on front and back as only the middle of the ladder was above the van

Nothing against them but these new guys who only wfp haven't experienced what we had to go through lol

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On 8/9/2017 at 18:06, Dan Paton said:


Just as per title really. What ladder safety devices other than common sense do you guys use daily and how do you rate the device. Cheers



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You named THE important safety feature...COMMON SENSE......nowadays the granny state  and blinkered H&S doctrines, the suits wants using common sense and reason a thing of the past.

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I almost exclusively use my ladder for accessing balconies unsuitable for wfp, and I carry a strap to secure the ladder to the railing. 


One time the ladder fell due to wind just after I finished. Would've been a bit troublesome to get down, thus the strap.


I also have ice pikes which I find good for grass and asphalt.


I did a whole lot of - in retrospect - stupid ladder stuff when I cleaned 10 years ago. Climbing up fully extended ladders with full buckets of water as well as poles to get on top of a small roof to clean some even higher windows. And no bucket on a belt but just clinging on to the tools while climbing. Now I prefer to know I work safely and have low risk of ending up in a wheelchair. As someone else said on here, I work with certain safety factors so I can look forward to teach my baby girl to play soccer. :1f44d:

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Just wfp for me now, why take unnecessary risks in modern times when we have safe and good quality tools to do a great job from the safety of the ground. My customers are really impressed with wfp results so no looking back for me.

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