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Gardiner internal window cleaning kit


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hi looking for advice on the Gardiner indoor cleaning system if anyone's got one or used one, or the brodex misty indoor cleaning system
[/url] link for the brodex one. when I purchased the Gardiner system I couldn't find any videos for it on you tube or on Gardiner website which should have rang some alarm bells as anything half decent on there site there's videos showing the product..well the issue I have with it is,
I comes with a 8 litre spray tank for the water it does not have any kind of control for the flow of water so it is what it is...
I initially tried it out on my house windows last night and my god it didn't come with a warning to cover the floors or put your wet floor signs out and bring a mop and bucket to mop up the water, your supposed to cover the window in water then use the head to clean the window then replace the head with new cloth to polish the window...the water literally jets out so fast I may as well hook up my hose reel to van and bring my normal pole in to my house and have the same effect...
the brodex system literally sprays a light mist over the windows creating minimal water output...but had a price tag of around £400 whereas the Gardiner one was £200+vat..take it you get what you pay for...
on talking to Gardiner this morn they want me to get a jug and a stop watch turn on the water for 60 seconds and measure how much water comes out so they can check the product specifications to see if correct or not or weather faulty...the hose has a tap system to switch water on and off which is quite stiff..even got the missus to hold pole while I held the hose and tap in both hands to try switch on and off quicker with both hands but makes no difference..
asked if I do the test and you come back to me and say it's not faulty that's what supposed to do, I said I regard it as not fit for purpose and where do I stand then as I'm not happy with the product..
apart from this all my equipment comes from Gardiner and am well happy with there stuff...but this well...just hope can send it back...
if anyone else can shed some light on this and there experience of it or anything I can do different with it, be grateful for any tips.
wish I'd got the brodex one or just not bothered at all.
wondered if can purchase the misty bit separately from brodex and fit it somehow to this system.
thanks in advance.
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compared to the brodex one the water flow rate was ridiculous and rather then misting out on to windows it jetted out..tried telling me have to do short bursts of water by turning tap on off quick. even held the pole and got the missus to turn off quick to try do quicker...they got me to measure the flow rate...dished out over a litre of water a minute.which theu tols me was correct flow rate.i done my own comparison with Gardiner back pack and on lowest setting done about half litre minute dial turned round just over half way which is where I have it back pack output was about 800ml...told them it's not fit for purpose there would be water everywhere...did wonder why Gardiner have not go videos showing it in use now I know why..told them for the amount water comes out may as well take my backpack indoors hold my finger over the end and give quick spray for fraction of the cost (which I also wouldn't do lol )...im a fan of virtually all Gardiner products but this, wouldn't waste your money..spend bit more and get the brodex one.

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