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Hi guys,


Currently in the carpet and upholstery cleaning business and get a lot of people asking wether I do hard floor cleaning also? Patios, decking driveways etc.


So due to the amount of interest I am going to add it to my list of services. 


Now, the difficult bit. Finding a reliable machine?


I have browsed the forum and the Honda GX360 seems to be popular. I have also see on a YouTube page I follow "dirtydriveaway" a Zeta. I realise the Honda is in the £1200-£2000 range and the zera is in the £4000 range. 


I understand the zeta is 21lpm and the Honda is only around 12-15lpm. How noticeable is this going to be? I'm in an area with quite a low demographic of good earners, so if I'm charging X-amount per square meter, and jack Jones who turns up with his Karcher is 50% cheaper than me gets the work I'm scared to lose the £4000 I've spent on the zeta.


As much help as possible please. 


Links to decent machines between £1000-£2000


Can the GX360 be van mounted?


Can I run let's say a 100ft hose from the machine?


Return to tank bypass on a honda?


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CM Cleaning Services

If its any interest I have a diesel pressure washer for sale how ever it is considerably large , like new electric key start lots of power

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The Honda can do 21 lpm you just need to get the right model. Google Jetmac or Rutland Pumps.


A Karcher is no good for bug driveways its for small jobs. There electric, even if you get industrial models they only run for a about four hours a day then they start getting damaged. So I would not worry about the Karcher guys.


If its van mounted your gonna have to run a hose pipe to tank close to your van, so you have a trip hazard, plus your gonna need all your doors open and windows on the van. Why van mount it?


Every house varies regarding flow rate so a 21lpm might not get the water it needs.


If you get a 15lpm machine with high bar its not worlds apart from most 21lpm machines for output. 



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