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my new trolley...woohoo!!


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Finally had time to make my new updated trolley and printed my own decal..not to shabby..lol

The hose is around 75m so i can leave it in the van on most jobs.

the pump is a surflo with a varistream controller, powered by a 24ah battery.

the wires are hidden in the frame tubing.



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On 01/09/2017 at 21:55, windowsurfer said:

looking good

Thankyou matey.


On 02/09/2017 at 06:45, 222wrighty said:

Looks better than most you buy

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I have bought a lot of trolleys in my time and seems it quite easy to do, i just wanted based for my own needs. thanks.


On 02/09/2017 at 07:25, Iron Giant said:

Looks top quality

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thanks matey.


On 02/09/2017 at 07:31, Nudel said:

Neat! Would love some more pictures, also of the insides.

it will be no problem mate but its nothing special the water case is holding a sureflo and thats it mate.


On 02/09/2017 at 07:26, 222wrighty said:

How much did it cost to build?

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the pump and controller i got for 140

the trolley is 45 

hose was 40 for 100 meters

reel was from the range for 10

and other attachments was 20

soooo around 250 i would say.

that is true but this is not advertising as its my own!! i am not allowed to advertise on here unless i pay a fee. the admin has already slapped my wrists because of this...lol



On 02/09/2017 at 14:48, 1217 said:

Im confused. This sack truck is the one I have been looking at on Amazon as I am looking to buy one. This is just a modded one of those then? What is wrong with the op? Is he trying to sell them online as his own  or something?



 yep thats the one matey that i use there is also a cheaper one that is black with red wheels but they dont come in a box and i found they goy all scratched up. never buy the stair wheel sack truck as this was on my last trolley build and i hated it all the time it just would not turn. 

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This is my old trolley it was a right pain in the ass!! can turn and heavy a **** but really really reliable.

the reel was good and if you are looking for one you can get it from wilkinsons for 15 i think


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2 hours ago, Duncs said:

looks tidy mind

handy for nipping around back of houses

thanks matey its really good but i wish it was thinner as the wheels sometimes gets in the way.

but the hose is long and a few of my customers dont mind the hose through there house.


there are times that i think i wish i had a backpack...lol

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Can you show us in more detail how your getting the hoselock into the barrel on the old trolley? I assume there's a pipe of some sort in there too.



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the best way of 

1 hour ago, Dan Paton said:

Can you show us in more detail how your getting the hoselock into the barrel on the old trolley? I assume there's a pipe of some sort in there too.



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hi matey drill a hole in the top of a lid and get a STRAIGHT COUPLINGS 15MM X 15MM here is the link....http://www.screwfix.com/p/straight-couplings-15mm-x-15mm-2-pack/95828

then a brass tube to get to the bottom of the 25l container leaving a gap at the bottom for flow purposes

on the top of the lid get a hozelock adapter from bq for £2. your good to go matey.


OHH dont forget to make a small breathing hole 1-2mm on the top of the lid as i found out the hard way...i left my trolley in the van sucking from a 25l container and when i was finished the container caved in to its self...lol..luckly i did not damage the pump as the pressure must have been great to sandwich the container. 

water inlet1.jpg

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