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Purifying suggestions?


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Ok as some of you may know I have a terribly slow RO system that im getting rid of and need a bit of advice about where to go next.


The ppm round here is about 56 straight from the hose and without the RO MAN but just with it going through my carbon block filter I can get it down to 0.9ppm which im sure isnt good enough.


It has been suggested that I invest in a DI vessel but am wondering if I were to go down this route and fill my tank from the hose then have the water go through my carbon filter then the DI vessel would this have a significant impact on my tds readings?


Sorry for the long post but need to make sure im not spending where I dont need to.





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Guest colinvansmith

If you put tap water with a ppm of 56 straight through for example 11 litre DI vessel the water coming out the other end will read 000, if you use 2 DI vessels however it will read 000 for alot longer and if you add your carbon block filter in before the DI vessels alot longer again. With tap water readings like 56ppm your filters will last ages. If you have two DI vessels when the ppm starts to rise at the hose end then the first DI vessel will be spent so refill that with resin and then swap them over using the DI vessel that was the secondary vessel as the primary and the primary vessel that was refilled as the secondary, your filters will last ages!!


Hope you can make sense of this.


Col :)

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Guest colinvansmith

Agreed with nearly clean minimum of 11litre vessels, the link he has in his post are a great company, they are based on my door step i use them all the time




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Excellent price those Flipfast thanks for that, if I was to get two of those on that link you sent through do you think that would be acceptable with a 350ltr tank?


Or would one and a carbon filter be sufficiant?

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Guest window washer

I would use nothing but two 25ltr DI vessels as with a TDS of 56 you are laughing. your resin will last ages and once your reading goes over 001 PPM then replace one only.


009 id no good - As soon as mine goes to 001 I replace. SOme people wait until around 009 but why take the chance for the sake of a few pounds.

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Guest feedthewifeandkids

hi im new to all of this im starting up my own window cleaning bisness i have a reading of around 250 on my tds meter so i have brought a ro unit with a di unit built in BUT its running really slow i see you have had the same problem i had a 75litre storage box lying around (as im still waiting for my 25litre drums to arrive) so i set this up at 4 oclock this afternoon now very nearly 10 oclock its not even 1/4 full any help is much appreicated Tom

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