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PF Nano trolley musings

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Current setup is two people tethered to one battery and pump. Works ok but looking to free up a little. I was looking at the nano trolley thinking it may be easier to have the main tank and hose for fronts while worker 2 uses the trolley for backs. We also have the Gardiner backpack for extra awkward rears if need be. 


So regarding the nano questions....


1. How long does the battery last? We do an average of 20-30 houses a day, 8 hour days. Would it see us through?


2. How do you charge them? Is it standard 3 pin plug and you detach the battery every night and bring indoors? I don't fancy having to bring the trolley in every night as have nowhere to put it. 


3. How much 6mm hose can you work with on it and how do people store it on the nano?


Secondly as a whole do you think I would be better off having a trolley for the second worker or investing in a second pump, reel etc for worker 2? I really didn't want to have two lots of hose all over the street tbh and i liked the idea of the second user having more freedom. 


Lastly if it would be better to have two reels would one 110a battery be enough for two pumps, a bilge pump for a back pack PLUS at least one electric reel, preferable two! Am I asking too much? We do a fair bit of travel and have a split relay. 


Sorry for the wall of text but it's your own fault, this place is too helpful! :1f61c:


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23 minutes ago, Dave B said:

I would stick your backpack on a trolley with 20m of hose

I had one of those and the battery will last days between charges

A lot easier and the nano is ridiculously priced

Yes tbh that's the way I am swaying. The cost of the nano is a lot to stomach, especially as we already have the backpack so we essentially just need a trolley. So do you reckon two pumps, bilge pump, plus two electric reels is too much for a single 110ah battery on a split relay? I really want to keep down the amount of stuff that needs taking out the van and charging each night. End of the day I just wanna flop on the sofa! 

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It may be a bit of a strain i reckon

@damo has i think 2 batteries to cope with 2 pumps and 2 power reels

End of the day a backpack can be taken indoors easily by undoing the bungee holding it on the trolley and tipping out any water so it is light

Would only need doing every few days

I know 2 cousins who work together all day Monday to Friday with a backpack each and only charge them about every 2 weeks

The gardiners ones have excellent battery life considering they are only 12v 12ah batteries

I run my diy trolley off one and rarely charge it (every weekend usually) and use it all day

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I have the nano and backpack on trolley both work great obviously the nano is far superior in every way, smaller and lighter than gardiner's Backpack battery lasts longer And holds a few litre more also as really good puncture proof tyres, like you I was going to upgrade to a two man system but my son loves the nano so now no need, he does the backs I do the fronts. He used gardiner backpack on a trolley for a year which was really good and still fully functional, but the nano is so much quicker no filling backpack just a quick swap of container. 

I personally recommend the nano got mine at £550 which is a lot of money think they are a lot more now.

gardiner backpack is like a fiesta good value for the money, but the nano is more like a miniature Bentley excellent quality and pleasure to use.

I top the battery up on Wednesday and Friday evening whether it's the nano or backpack even though PF state the nano only needs charging once a week.



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what about a water geni back pack 20l and is a trollie / back pack in one there only £100 deleverd u could buy to at that price just incase one goes flat during the day damo has a pump in his tank to fill his back packs

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